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WPUniversity provides real-time, step-by-step guided tutorials from inside the WordPress dashboard.

WPUniversity logo webinlineWPUniversity provides on-demand, guided help and training for WordPress as well as its compatible themes and plugins. WPUniversity downloads a WordPress expert right into a users’ dashboard, providing real-time, on-demand assistance. This eliminates the need for searching through online help forums, reading instruction pages, or watching videos.

Market Need

Developers and site builders spend up-to 50 per cent of their resources training and supporting their clients, while WordPress users can waste time and money searching for assistance for their sites. WPUniversity solves these problems by providing users with instant access to real-time guided tutorials, serving as a WordPress expert, teacher and coach all in one.


Bart Dabek

Bart Dabek

Co-Founder and CTO

Upon graduating from Sheridan College with a diploma in Interdisciplinary Arts, Bart was recruited by VFM Interactive, where he pioneered online videos, 3D animation and introduced rich media to every major travel website in the world. Bart helped the company grow from five employees to more than 55 in seven years. In 2006 Bart initiated a WordPress- based project called, which disseminated green tips and environmental news. The website currently receives more than 1.6 million page views annually. Bart also launched WebCultured in 2008, which has since become one of the top WordPress companies in Toronto.

Ben Fox

Ben Fox

Co-Founder and CEO

Ben has more than 10 years of marketing and web project management experience building and running technology-powered events and marketing initiatives. He founded several small businesses throughout high-school and university, including Jaunt Media, which builds easy-to-manage web spaces. Ben also has two years of experience building and educating on the WordPress platform.