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Wondereur is an online and mobile platform that grants art buyers unprecedented access to the artists’ creative process and allows them to build their own museum-quality collection.

Wondereur webinlineWondereur hires curators, art experts, journalists and photojournalists to spot talent and build immersive profiles of the world’s best contemporary artists. These profiles are presented in a documentary storytelling style, including rich photography from preeminent international photojournalists. Wondereur allows art buyers to not only access highly curated works of art, but also learn the intimate story behind each piece, while building their own museum-quality collection.

Market Need

Seventy per cent of art buyers have already purchased work online. However, internet purchasing does not address what the vast majority of buyers consider critical when acquiring pieces: credibility and emotional connection with the art and the artist. Even the most discerning art lover may not know where to look online for compelling pieces that are worth investing in, and has no way of learning the stories behind an artist’s work. Wondereur shares insiders’ information on the best artists to buy now while facilitating an exclusive connection with artists.


Olivier Berger web headshot

Olivier Berger


Olivier graduated from leading European engineering and business schools. Work with General Electric took him from his native Paris across the UK, Norway, Sweden and North America and enabled him to launch his first startup in 2008. The award-winning organization, now called iSentium, is a multi-patented company delivering value to hedge funds. With a strong track record in change management and innovation, Olivier is a passionate designer and art collector himself.

Sophie Perceval web headshot

Sophie Perceval


Sophie graduated from the Sorbonne University as well as top business schools in Europe. As head of publications for the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, she worked directly with luminary artists such as David Lynch, Jean Paul Gaultier and Hiroshi Sugimoto. Her contagious passion for art led her to collaborate with the National Film Board of Canada and work as an arts reporter for CBC/Radio-Canada.