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An online career opportunity matching system that introduces candidates to jobs and professionals based on their needs, interests and preferences.

WhoPlusYou allows candidates to share any combination of academic work, community and work experience, awards, interests, skills, and values with employers. Members build a digital portfolio and get connected with jobs that are relevant to their qualifications and experience through innovative means, including sophisticated computer searching, video presentations, and visual resumes. The number one priority at WhoPlusYou is to help candidates make valuable market connections quickly and easily by matching and connecting them with relevant jobs and employers. If a candidate fits a position, the candidate will be notified by the employer. Once connected, candidate and employers can communicate within the WhoPlusYou system by chat, video and audio conference, and through multi-media presentations. By providing a digital platform for sharing an abundance of information in a quick, structured, and visually pleasing format, WhoPlusYou marks the beginning of the end for the traditional two-page resume.

Market Need

With WhoPlusYou, jobs apply to candidates instead of candidates applying for jobs. Candidate information is searchable, allowing employers to easily find suitable employees. Candidate names are not disclosed until the candidate agrees to be contacted



Doug Walker


In his 30 year career in the Canadian technology industry Doug has been a motivational leader in some of Canada’s most innovative and successful technology businesses.

Currently, Doug is serving as the founder and CEO of WhoPlusYou – an internet based company providing a revolutionary new approach to “connecting” individuals, employers, small businesses and investors in the employment and career management marketplace. Prior to this, Doug was the CEO of BitTorrent, the world’s largest file sharing Software Company, with over 130M users.

For 5 years Doug served as president and CEO of Alias Systems – the world’s dominant provider of 3D software technology to the entertainment and product design industries. Alias operated in over 50 countries and its customers included the world’s most creative business entities, examples include Disney, Industrial Light and Magic, Dreamworks, Pixar, Electronic Arts, Sony, Nike, Motorola, Apple, and “every automotive company in the world.”

Especially noteworthy is an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement, and being named as one of Canada’s Top 100 companies to work for the last 3 years in a row. He was also awarded an alumni achievement award from Ryerson University in 2004.

Jay Tanner

Jay Tanner


Jay is currently the Co-Founder and CTO of WhoPlusYou. He is a developer of leading-edge software solutions, which include the air redemption system for Air Miles, plus a web-based negotiated fare system adopted by American Express and Sabre for which he was awarded a US patent.

Additionally, Jay also designed and developed the trouble management system for the General Motors voice network in North America. This system supported a billion dollar outsourcing contract from EDS to Ameritech, and a system for the House of Commons which automates the publishing of the Hansard. More so, Jay has been the recipient of a 1.2 million dollar research grant from Department of National Defense (CRAD) Canada based on his work within the system support and ILS areas.

Within the new media sphere, Jay has cofounded an online technical magazine that generated over a million dollars per year in ad revenue and developed a readership in both Europe and North America.