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Virtual Next

Virtual Next is mobile-based store card solution that includes mobile payment, top-up & loyalty cards, couponing, and a customer satisfaction measurement tool.

Virtual Next enables forward thinking merchants to bring the best of reloadable gift cards and loyalty cards to the mobile space. The simple-to-use solution reduces payment transaction time from 50 to 7 seconds, tracks individual customer purchasing data, and enables the merchants to offer loyalty programs. Virtual Next’s solution can work with the merchant’s existing point of sale systems and do not require initial IT investments by the merchant.

Market Need

Store card programs, especially programs combining reloadable gift cards, loyalty programs and couponing, are an effective way for quick-service stores and restaurants to gain and keep customers. However, many of these establishments lack the required infrastructure to implement and manage these beneficial programs. Virtual Next addresses this challenge by offering a mobile-based store card program that costs significantly less than physical card programs and offers various services under a single mobile card program.



Andy Lai


Since graduating from Ryerson University’s Internet Technologies Management program in 2007, Andy has co-founded and collaborated on three startups. Andy’s first company, JobLoft, became a big hit after the co-founders’ appearance on the CBC television show Dragons’ Den. JobLoft was acquired by its largest competitor in the industry.

Bijan Shahrorki

Bijan Shahrokhi


Bijan is a web entrepreneur with five years’ experience in the industry. He served as an eCommerce Manager at Best Buy Canada and founded CellClients, a online cellphone contract marketplace. CellClients was praised by the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, CBC Radio, CityTV, and many other media outlets.