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UnRealty is a digital platform real estate brokerage that provides innovative, non-traditional services.

UnRealty Inc. brings value back to the GTA home and condo market by putting consumers back into the driver’s seat. The company employs a unique digital brokerage platform that provides innovative services.

Market Need

Since the early 1990s, house and condo prices have doubled to tripled in the GTA. Real estate commissions have grown as a result, with many home sellers paying as much as $20,000 in commissions for a $400,000 sale. There is no other industry that has seen such a large salary increase, despite the fact that (because of the Internet and educated consumers) the job of a real estate agent is more streamlined and easier than ever before. UnRealty closes that gap and saves customers money through an innovative brokerage model.



Anthony Deonarain


Anthony Deonarain is the founder of UnRealty Inc. He completed his undergraduate degree in Business Management as well as an MBA at Ryerson with a Retail and Commercial Development specialization at Ryerson University. As a former real estate agent, Anthony has helped buyers purchase over $40 million in condos and homes in the GTA. He is also currently president of the board of directors at a downtown Toronto condo building.