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Transnomis Solutions Inc.

Transnomis Solutions’ software Mirasan incorporates diverse data to provide traffic centres with a unified interface to monitor traffic systems.

Transonomis webinlineTransnomis Solutions’ product Mirasan is an off-the-shelf Advanced Traffic Management System that collects data from a range of open and private sources providing a unified interface to control roadway equipment and manage issues. Instead of using several separate systems to manage equipment, traffic management centres can use Mirasan to monitor and control traffic cameras, vehicle detectors, electronic message signs and weather stations. Accidents, construction and special events can similarly all be viewed and managed through the software’s central dashboard.

Market Need

Traffic congestion is a growing problem in the GTA and beyond. A 2008 Metrolinx report concluded that the annual cost of congestion in the form of GDP in the GTA and Hamilton was $2.7 billion in 2006, and is expected to grow to $7.2 billion by 2031. One solution to congestion is monitoring and managing traffic in a traffic management centre. However, the operator console in many traffic management centres typically requires a large number of monitors running different applications. This makes it impossible to gain the situational awareness required for effective traffic management. Mirasan unifies the data from various systems and hardware into one integrated mapping and analytic interface.


Simon Foo web headshot

Simon Foo

CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to joining Transnomis Solutions Inc. full-time, Simon worked as a senior engineer at the City of Toronto. He managed the operations of the traffic management centre control room with over 20 staff. He understands the challenges faced by traffic management staff, and how software and technologies can streamline processes for handling everything from routine day-to-day tasks to emergency situations.

Eamonn Doherty web headshot

Eamonn Doherty

CTO & Co-Founder

Eamonn’s passion is application performance and communications protocols. He goes to great lengths to ensure that Mirasan can communicate efficiently and effectively with a wide variety of external systems and hardware. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.