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TOUT.IT is the ultimate engagement platform for sports fans, bringing the sports bar experience to them wherever they are.

toutitTOUT.IT is a mobile website providing a social engagement platform for sports fans. TOUT.IT’s proprietary technology curates subjects of interest to sports fans and encourages debate by allowing for discussion to branch out into a variety of topics. TOUT.IT also tracks conversations to highlight and identify the most knowledgeable and credible users.

Market Need

Fans love discussing sports, but struggle to replicate the conversations they have at sports bars in an online setting. Existing social media platforms are too generic in scope, and online sports discussion forums are outdated and segregated. TOUT.IT creates a sports bar experience anywhere by allowing fans to have a focused discussion with engaging conversations about all things sports.



Miroslav “Miro” Jeliaskoff

CTO, co-founder

Miro is a passionate software guru whose experience includes leading technical teams and building mobile applications. He previously co-founded and founded smartphone app Splendoid.


Adnan “Addo” Smajic

CEO, co-founder

As a startup consultant, Addo has advised businesses on everything from technology, operations, finance and online presence with website and social media. Addo previously worked as a financial reporting analyst for billion-dollar funds.