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Three Red Cubes

A digital multimedia company and developer of award-winning mobile games, applications and developer resources.

Three Red Cubes Inc. is a software development company that seeks to capitalize on the potential of the Windows Phone platform and cloud-based applications. The company’s first game, Sudoku3D, which is a 3D version of the popular puzzle game, is currently on sale on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Three Red Cubes designs a wide variety of projects varying from mobile applications for Windows Phone 7, web applications for developers and people at large. Furthermore, Three Red Cubes develops for console and desktop platforms, on top of games for mobile.

Market Need

With tens of thousands of games already available on the Apple App store, new titles have an extremely difficult time standing out. The Windows Phone Marketplace has only just begun to grow and has phenomenal potential; Three Red Cubes is contributing to its growth.



Alexey Adamsky


Alexey Adamsky is the founder of Three Red Cubes. He is a graduate of Computer Science program and is currently pursuing his master degree in Computer Science from Ryerson. For the last few years he has worked with context aware mobile computing and augmented reality. Alexey was part of Ryerson’s Flybits team while at the same time he started his own business venture that focuses on web and mobile development, including game design.