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Tapfun works with educators to produce educational apps to complement and supplement school curricula for elementary school children.

tapfunBlue_logoboxTapfun works with experienced educators to transform traditional paper-based curriculum materials into digital, interactive, dynamic and responsive tablet-based games. These apps can be used in the classroom, or as at-home supplements to complement and cement in-class learning. Apps range from in subject areas from reading comprehension to math to spelling.

Market Need

Tablets are becoming common as tools for learning, inside and outside of the classroom. However, educators often lack the resources to design and implement their existing curriculum and lesson plans using these tools. Tapfun works directly with educators to create one-of-a-kind learning applications that respond to students’ individual skill levels, tailoring content to meet an each child’s needs and propel their progress within their school curriculum.



Jordy Koski


Jordy Koski has more than 10 years of experience in the technology industry. He has previously worked for multiple early-stage startups, and most recently spent three years at ExtendMedia (now Cisco). Jordy has a long-held passion for how technology can be used to expose young people (from around the world) to new learning experiences.