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Tactile Audio Displays

A research and development company specializing in the creation, design and customization of tactile audio displays.

Tactile Audio Displays (TAD)'s proprietary technology converts the sounds generated by a device such as a computer or a television to vibrations that can be felt instead of heard. By splitting, isolating and reshaping frequencies, TAD's technology delivers sound vibration to various locations on the body, using an individual’s skin to amplify the experience. TAD's custom-made chairs allow users to experience sound as vibrations by transforming audio sensations to tactile sensations. TAD’s innovation is the result of a three-year research project based out of Ryerson University’s Centre for Learning Technology in collaboration with the Science of Music, Auditory Research and Technology Lab, a psychology research and training center. Used either as a research tool, a medical device, or an enhancement to an entertainment system, TAD’s patented technology is being developed as a commercial product, bringing new innovations in sound immersion to movie theatres, concert halls, home entertainment and gaming systems.

Market Need

TAD’s technology can be mounted in theatre chains to provide an unprecedented tactile experience for viewing audiences, and an alternative way for deaf and hard of hearing people to experience sound. Also, in hospitals and universities, TAD’s technology can be used to conduct research for disabled patients


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