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STUDEO is an online platform that provides realtors with easy, 24/7 access to state-of-the-art print and digital marketing tools.

studeo webinlineSTUDEO is an online service that enables realtors to easily create effective print and digital real estate brochures that engage home buyers. STUDEO is available 24/7, offering realtors all-inclusive, customizable design. Print brochures can be created in under 15 minutes using the realtor’s existing images, and can be printed and shipped on the same day. The digital brochures integrate the realtor’s media assets (virtual tours, photo galleries, video, etc.) to create a complete picture of the home for the buyer. The digital brochure is also easily shared over social media and provides detailed metrics to help realtors gauge buyer interest.

Market Need

Realtors struggle to market themselves in today’s increasingly crowded and competitive real estate sector. Many lack the design and technology savvy to invest in time producing marketing materials that are aligned with the growing trends of the consumer market, including social media, rich media, targeted messaging and tablet usage. STUDEO is a one-stop shop for realtors to easily create state-of-the-art print and digital brochures that look professional and will impress home buyers without a large investment of time.



Rebecca Rose

Co-Founder, Partner, CEO

Rebecca comes to STUDEO with award-winning accomplishments in online media, film production, qualitative market research and digital product development. She is completing Ryerson University’s MBA program, specializing in Technology and Innovation Management. Rebecca has a wide range of competencies in business management, strategic marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation.


Nir Betan

Co-Counder, COO

With an academic background in human biology and mathematics as well as several graduate mathematics courses behind him, Nir came into the world of advertising from an unusual entry point. A serial entrepreneur, Nir has founded several companies, including Hyperlogic Media, an advertising agency that he led for seven years and that serviced national brands including MilkBone and Kibbles ‘n Bits. Nir possesses a range of expertise in entrepreneurship, sales, statistical analytics, supply chain management, operations and talent acquisition.