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Statstrack is a mobile tool that allows hockey coaches, players and stakeholders to easily input game time data and generate valuable insights.

Statstrack webinlineStatstrack provides a mobile platform that records key hockey metrics and analyzes the information, providing actionable insights that can be leveraged by hockey stakeholders to improve player performance and win more games. Statstrack goes beyond organizing data. It provides intuitive benchmarks, trend analysis and strategic recommendations on how to improve both individual and team performance, at the click of a button and in real time. Statstrack was conceived by Drake Berehowsky, a former NHL player and current head coach of the Lethbridge Hurricanes in the WHL, to elevate his coaching abilities and help his players achieve the next level of their performance. The unique platform is applicable for teams ranging from youth league teams all the way to the to the game’s most elite professional level.

Market Need

Very few tools exist to help teams and coaches analyze their players’ game. Statstrack is an easy-to-use intuitive resource that enables hockey stakeholders to make better tactical short- and long-term strategic decisions. Statstrack has been endorsed by the NHL Alumni Association and will be leveraged at their hockey camps and clinics.



Danielle Berehowsky


Danielle has spent over 10 years in sales and marketing roles at several tier one consumer packaged goods companies, including Kraft and Nestle.  In her most recent roles, she was director of sales strategy for a number of product portfolios. In addition, Danielle has worked for the CFL, and has had a lot of experience working with Hockey Canada, the NHL, the NHLPA and the NHL Alumni Association in various capacities.

Drake Berehowsky


Drake played in the NHL for over 13 years for six NHL teams.  He is currently the head coach of the Lethbridge Hurricanes in the WHL.  He also has over six years of coaching experience in a number of different leagues, including the OHL and AHL.  He has also completed his level two Hockey Canada High Performance Coaching certification.