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SoJo is an interactive online resource that empowers individuals to turn their ideas for social good into action.

SoJo (short for Social Journal) is an interactive online platform that provides information and support to social innovators. It guides them through the process of developing and implementing their ideas, leaving them time to focus on addressing unmet social needs and environmental challenges. Social innovations can include, but are not limited to, social ventures, projects, programs or product developments. SoJo is a self-guided online resource that organizes relevant content in a clear and simple fashion. The content curated by SoJo focuses on the practical "how-to" of idea development and project execution, and on the personal growth of the individual behind the idea. By helping social innovators navigate the challenges of executing their ideas, SoJo enables them to focus their creative energies on working with their target communities to affect social change. SoJo is developing a customized backend that will adapt to the unique needs and learning styles of young people interested in starting social ventures. Future iterations will make this workflow more unique and intuitive, helping our audience to answer questions that they may not have known to ask in the first place.

Market Need

Millions of individuals are passionate about social issues, but cannot find the resources they need to turn their good intentions into real and tangible social impact. Plenty of resources exist, but they are not effectively helping individuals to turn their good intentions into social impact for the following reasons:

  • There is no starting point
  • Resources are highly fragmented, forcing individuals to spend valuable time and resources on locating these resources when they should be spending their creative energies and talents on finding solutions to the problems they seek to solve
  • There is no platform for shared intelligence; instead of building on the solutions of others, people are forced to re-invent the same wheels

SoJo’s proprietary technology eliminates the need for users to search the internet for information to launch their social venture.



Kanika Gupta


Kanika Gupta is the chief catalyst & founder of SoJo, an interactive online resource that empowers young people to turn their ideas for social good into action. SoJo was inspired from over a decade of experience building and growing social ventures in addition to extensive academic research on youth-led social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Kanika has worked with the United Nations Development Programme, Canadian International Development Agency and Canadian House of Commons. Prior to creating SoJo, Kanika founded a Canadian non-profit which sends over 600 girls to school in West Africa annually. Kanika holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Finance and a Master’s of Public Administration.