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Snapy is an online platform that automates and simplifies bookkeeping and data entry accounting to save clients time and money.

Snappy webinlineSnapy enables users to easily import data from payment gateways (such as PayPal and Stripe) and e-commerce platforms (such as eBay, Amazon and Shopify) into accounting software (including QuickBooks, Xerox and more). Snapy automatically reconciles transactions, creates sales receipts, bills, cheques, invoices and expenses.

Market Need

Small online businesses are still using spreadsheets and manual data entry to do their accounting. Snapy is the only company to fully automate financial reconciliation between payment gateways and accounting platforms. Similarly, accountants currently spend 20 to 30 hours per month, per client, manually editing and transferring data into their chosen accounting platform. Snapy removes the drudgery of data entry and automates the entire process, so that businesses can focus on managing their growth and finances, not the books.



Aditya Dhoot

Founder & CEO

Aditya graduated from the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto in 2013 with a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. That same year he also graduated from the Next 36 program. Snapy is the first company he has founded as an entrepreneur.