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SlimCut Media

SlimCut Media helps online publishers monetize their content by combining a reward platform and a video advertising system.

slimcutmediasmallSlimCut Media creates a reward program for each publisher and provides readers with incentives to engage with the publishers’ website. By interacting with the site and watching video advertising, users receive access to premium content and meaningful prizes. Leveraging advanced data analysis and user tracking systems, SlimCut offers a deeper understanding of audiences, allowing for advanced targeting capabilities. This capacity for relevant and selective advertising generates incremental revenue for publishers while keeping users’ data private. SlimCut Media works with clients such as Post Media and has partnered with MediaCom, HBO, Indigo, Alliance Films and other leading advertising agencies.

Market Need

The landscape of publishing is transforming. Readers are quick to flip between multiple online media sources, and often find themselves unwilling to pay for premium content. Publishers then struggle to generate revenue despite garnering significant traffic. Publishers need to re-capture their audience, build a community and generate associated advertising revenue. SlimCut Media is building a symbiotic relationship between publishers and their audience, providing a mutual benefit that enables premium advertising campaigns.


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Damien Veran


Damien created his first company at the age of 22 while completing his master’s degree in engineering specializing in telecommunications. He realized his love for media while earning a second specialized master’s degree in marketing at HEC Paris. Before creating SlimCut Media, Damien gained advertising experience as a marketing manager at Procter & Gamble, Pepsico and Mars Inc.


Thomas Davy


Thomas graduated with a master’s degree in physics and economics from École Polytechnique ParisTech as well as a degree in finance and industrial management from École des Ponts. He worked as a strategy consultant at A.T.Kearney before moving to Lafarge where he travelled the world deploying corporate best practices. Thomas launched his first startup, outdoor tourist guide Weezigo, before co-founding SlimCut Media.