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SkyPrep is an easy-to-use cloud-based training platform that enables businesses to upload material to train, test and certify employees.

skyprep150SkyPrep enables businesses with little to no technical expertise to cost-effectively train and test their employees with simplicity and ease. Companies upload content such as PowerPoint presentations, videos and documents, then create tests and quizzes from this material within minutes. Organizations can invite users to take courses and view their progress in real time. Reporting tools and analytics are available to help track course and user success.

Market Need

Businesses are looking for an easier and more affordable way to train employees. By hosting all material in the cloud, SkyPrep’s eLearning platform saves companies the expense of in-person training sessions. The platform is designed for companies with little technical expertise, and requires no set-up or installation time. SkyPrep’s system is also available to employees when they need it, which improves knowledge retention.


Arash Barkhodaee - Skyprep

Arash Barkhodaei

CTO & Co-founder

Arash oversees the development of the SkyPrep software. He has built numerous apps and brings extensive experience and knowledge of new technologies to the team. Arash received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.

Babek Barkhodaei - Skyprep2

Babak Barkhodaei

CEO & Co-founder

Babak handles SkyPrep’ day-to-day operations and is responsible for business development. He actively looks to expand his network, and has a keen eye for finding business opportunities. Babak received an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, and an MBA from Ivey Business School at Western University.

Sep Bar web headshot

Sep Bar

Product Manager & Co-founder

Sep oversees the production of the SkyPrep software by analyzing clients’ requirements and directing the implementation of design and development. His engineering background allows him to come up with creative solutions. Sepand received a Mechanical Engineering degree from Ryerson University.