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Set Scouter

Set Scouter is the first and only website that connects filmmakers looking for the perfect set with location owners looking to rent out their space for production.

For filmmakers, finding a set location can be a difficult task, and booking the perfect location can be even harder. Set Scouter takes the hassle out of the location scouting by facilitating the process end to end. Using Set Scouter’s easy-to-use online interface, producers can sign up, browse listings, favourite listings and contact location owners free of charge. Location owners can also list properties at no cost.

Market Need

In large budget films, producers often hire location managers at exorbitant rates to find and manage bookings. Set Scouter allows filmmakers to easily book locations for their productions, with one mouse click and at a fraction of the cost. Producers can search using a large variety of location criteria, including price, availability and amenities, and can also browse location photos and location owner profiles. Location owners’ personal information is kept private, and they have the ability to accept or deny production requests.


Alex Kolodkin

Alex Kolodkin


Alex Kolodkin has a Master of Arts in Media and a Bachelor of Arts in Radio & Television Arts from Ryerson University. He has experience in television and web series development, corporate communications, advertising and strategic consulting. Alex has a passion for content and business development, entrepreneurship, innovation and being a community leader. He aspires to help content producers build their properties and develop creative strategies for utilizing emerging technologies.