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SensorSuite is a cloud-based digital building automation system that saves property managers time while conserving energy.

SensorSuite-logo-square-2SensorSuite provides real-time alerts, access to building information and control from anywhere in the world via mobile or web. The company uses proprietary wireless sensor nodes and cloud infrastructure to create a digital nervous system in any building. Using this system, property managers can monitor and control a number of critical building functions and issues, such as boiler room leaks, temperature control, securing of doors and the status of machinery, from an offsite location.

Market Need

Property managers need to monitor building systems and activity at all times, however traditional building automation systems are expensive, complicated to use and require heavy installation. SensorSuite leverages low-cost wireless sensors, cloud infrastructure and an intuitive user experience to optimize building systems, reduce operational risks and save money.



Rob Platek

Co-Founder and CEO

Rob has been a software developer for more than 20 years. He has always been fascinated with hardware/software interactions and how software can affect things in the real world. He is sharing that interest with the Toronto community by co-organizing the #InternetofThings Meetup group. An entrepreneur at heart, Rob has been running his own consulting company since 2008. Rob is also the co-founder and CEO of, a startup changing the way you find help for jobs you need done.

TapGage_Salman Habib

Salman Habib

Co-Founder and CFO

Salman is a finance specialist working in the technology sector.  He started his career in consulting, working with small- and medium-sized companies on websites, SEO, brand management, operational management and financial analysis. Salman also spent a few years as a co-founder of Tapgage, a mobile interstitial ad network.