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Peytec creates local wireless communication based solutions for a variety of fields from healthcare to security.

Peytec has created a Tamper-Aware Security System for the consumer retail industry designed to reduce customer-related inventory shrinkage. The system’s small security tags replace traditional clamp sensors and can be installed on products ranging from electronics to designer perfumes. Attempts to remove tags or clear a security scanner triggers a silent alarm notifying security of a suspect’s location via a smartphone map. This patent pending Radio Frequency Identification RFID technology is called Tamper-Aware RFID (“TA-RFID”). The technology’s primary aim is to reduce customer related inventory shrinkage (theft).

Market Need

$103 billion dollars are lost globally every year to shoplifting. Peytec’s RFID-based security system greatly reduces both the losses suffered by retail stores and the expense in manufacturing and maintaining a security system.



Alireza Moeini


Alirez Moeini completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto. He was the leader of UofT’s PACE (Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering) design team. PACE worked on designing a two-person sustainable vehicle for urban transportation. He was also the designer and developer of preventive maintenance software for mechanical room equipment at the University of Toronto.


Peyman Moeini


Peyman Moeini is the co-founder of Peytec engineering company. He is pursuing his Biomedical Engineering degree at Ryerson University. He has great interest in the field of image processing and image information extraction.