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OnTab’s technology integrates with merchants’ existing payment terminals allowing them to accept a wider variety of mobile payments.

OnTab-logo-squareOnTab is the easiest way for merchants to accept mobile cloud-based payments. With OnTab, merchants can allow their customers to use a variety of methods, such as bitcoins, PayPal and digital wallets, to make mobile payments. OnTab runs seamlessly on existing credit/debit payment terminals and can be integrated into the existing infrastructure of financial institutions, merchants and payment processors without any additional hardware or software.

Market Need

Enabling mobile payments at merchant locations is difficult. There is currently no solution that works seamlessly with the existing payment infrastructure being used by millions of merchants worldwide. OnTab is the first mobile payments solution to easily enable any payment terminal to connect to the cloud, allowing customers to pay using their mobile method of choice.


Behzad Malek

Behzad Malek


Behzad Malek has a B.Sc in electrical engineering from Sharif University, a master’s and a PHD in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Ottawa, and a PhD specializing in communication security and applied cryptography. Behzad has filed three patents on graphical-password, privacy-preserving, and location-based authentication and is a published author on NFC authentication.


Ethan Baron


Ethan Baron is the co-founder of OnTab and an alumnus of The Next 36. He also co-founded Triumf Rewards, a digital loyalty platform, which raised two rounds of seed capital. Ethan studied economics and finance at the University of Winnipeg.