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Needle is an online marketplace that connects employers with web, graphic and app product designers.

Needle webinlineNeedle is a platform that connects employers with web, graphic and app designers. Similar to Lavalife for designers, Needle provides visual samples of each designer’s work,allowing employers to choose the right designers based on the individuals’ portfolios. Needle’s database of designers is populated automatically every day using search engine technology to replace portfolio websites.

Market Need

Employers have difficulty finding the right designers to complete creative projects such as web design, logo design, interface design and more. Often times the employer’s vision and the designer’s style is misaligned, which creates conflict and delays. Needle provides employers with designers’ visual portfolios, helping them match their vision to a designers’ style.



Sean Kim


Sean founded his first startup, social recommendation app Totum Pass, and raised angel funding for the venture at age 19. He also co-founded YESocializing, an organization that helps young entrepreneurs connect with local startups and high-impact mentors. Sean has been featured in multiple Montreal news outlets, such as NEXTMontreal and Montreal Tech Watch, attracting well established companies, including Beyond the Rack and iNovia Capital. Sean studied economics and finance at McGill University.


Michael Chang


Michael’s accolades include being listed among Maclean’s Future Leaders of Canada, The Next 36 Satchu Prize, 24 Hours’ Top 24 Under 24  and Simon Fraser University Entrepreneur of the Year. His entrepreneurial successes have been profiled in publications including The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s Magazine and Vancouver Sun.  Michael studied interactive design and technology at Simon Fraser University.


Chris Bowal


Chris is a hi-tech entrepreneur, well-versed in Java, C#, C++, Python and AJAX. Prior to Needle, he developed Ditto, Phone Clone, Primacirca, as well as a variety of other digital applications. He also served as the president of Enggenious Robotics and the vice president of Project 90. In 2013, Chris engineered an autonomous swarm robot, which won in the Trinity College Fire Fighting Robot Contest against 120 teams from 18 countries. Chris studied electrical engineering at the University of Calgary.