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mobd is a web and mobile-enabled app that facilitates group decision-making and purchasing for ticketed events.

mobd webinlineFans sign into mobd through a ticketer’s website, send event invitations to friends, carry on discussions and then each pay for their own tickets. mobd benefits both ticketers and fans: Ticketers increase their reach, sell earlier and sell more tickets by facilitating communication to groups. For fans, mobd cuts the chatter, simplifying the decision-making and payment process end-to-end all in one place.

Market Need

Ninety per cent of purchasers on ticket websites, such as Eventbrite and Ticketmaster, don’t complete the sale because they leave the site to gather friends to attend the event. This is both inconvenient for purchasers and results in a loss in revenue for ticketers. mobd solves this problem by simplifying group purchases directly from the ticketer’s website while increasing the site’s reach.


Eric Rogness500

Eric Rogness


Eric Rogness has previously been involved with two startups, and has a background in product.


Ihor Pidruchny


Ihor Pidruchny is a developer and an entrepreneur.