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Luevo is the first product crowdfunding platform connecting independent designers with consumers who want to be on the leading edge of fashion.

 Luevo webinlineLuevo is  the first product-based crowdfunding platform for fashion designers. The platform enables designers to raise the funds they need directly from consumers, based on guaranteed pre-orders. For consumers, Luevo is a social discovery platform where they find the most sought after up-and-coming designers. With their pre-orders, consumers dictate which items get manufactured next, and define the fashion that will be trendy tomorrow.

Market Need

Eighty per cent of new fashion brands fail within the first two years of operations. The reason is because they are unable to raise the funds they need for production and they don’t have guaranteed sales or a centralized distribution channel directly to consumers. Luevo connects designers directly to their target demographics by enabling consumers to support and pre-order from their favourite designers.



Ana Caracaleanu

Co-founder and CEO

Ana is in charge of fundraising, stakeholder relationships and business development at Luevo. She is a recent MBA graduate from Ted Rogers School of Management. who brings 10 years of experience in the fashion industry. Ana is interested in creating a more sustainable future for independent fashion designers.


Mihnea Stoian

Co-founder and CMO

Mihnea started working in the online space in 1995 by creating early websites. His vast experience comprises everything from coding HTML to creating strategic marketing plans for national online service providers.