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Health Myself

Health Myself seeks to improve communication and access within Canadian family healthcare through web-based, on-demand healthcare technologies.

HealthMyself webinlineHealth Myself Innovations enhances the quality of service within the family healthcare industry by providing innovative web-based solutions to both patients and providers. The company offers value by streamlining medical workflows and promoting patient empowerment. The Health Myself Patient Portal extends the functionality of industry-leading electronic medical record systems by providing online appointment booking and management as well as secure bidirectional messaging between patients and their family healthcare teams. The Portal also facilitates day-to-day interactions between patients and doctors, such as booking or cancelling appointments, appointment reminders and lab notifications.

Market Need

For years, Canadian medical clinics have been plagued with severe patient service quality issues. This is not only the result of an overburdened healthcare system, but also one still using ineffective and inefficient communication channels. The Health Myself Patient Portal empowers patients to easily and more conveniently manage their communications with healthcare providers. Clinics using this tool are taking a necessary step towards improving access, increasing satisfaction of their patients and streamlining office workflows.


David Taylor 1

David Taylor


David is a web developer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart. He successfully started a web development company called Click Cures in 2007 while working as a business manager at a medical clinic. His dedication to improving the Canadian healthcare experience has led him to become co-founder of Health Myself Innovations, where he serves as manager of product development.

Long Nguyen 1

Long Nguyen


Long has a vision of a day when Canadian healthcare and patient frustration no longer go hand in hand. Long brings 15 years of enterprise-level IT management skills to the table and acts as project manager at Health Myself Innovations.