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GrandezVous is an event management platform that enables organizations to plan and execute events while sharing real-time updates and photos across digital devices.

GrandezVous webinlineGrandezVous is a socially driven event management platform that enables organizations to simply and easily plan, execute and analyze events. The solution comprises both hardware (check-in kiosks) and software (web and mobile app), and can function across multiple digital devices, such as iPads, iPhones, Android phones, etc. The platform’s app enables everyone involved (organizers, sponsors, speakers, attendees, etc.) to share real-time updates and photos both during and after an event. Using RFID technology, it also enables organizers to track attendees’ real-time data with modified name badges, bracelets, tickets or admissions identifiers. The information captured allows organizers to better plan events and improve attendee engagement.

Market Need

On average, event planners spend 150 hours planning and executing a successful event. As well, organizations often experience difficulty finding one event planning company that can fulfill all its needs for before, during and after an event. Event planners are forced to either hire extra staff or engage multiple businesses to fulfill these needs, resulting in higher costs. GrandezVous solves all these problems by providing all the resources and tools that planners need in order to plan and execute a successful event.


Harjas Dogra web headshot

Harjas Dogra

Co-Founder, Technology & Operations Lead

Harjas graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Technology Management. He brings strong research skills, technical aptitude and industry project management experience to GrandezVous. Harjas is responsible for managing programming, process planning and sourcing for suppliers and vendors. Harjas also manages hardware at events, conducts quality assurance tests and reviews analytic data to ensure customer satisfaction.

George Phu web headshot

George Phu

Co-Founder, Business Strategy & Business Development Lead

George earned a Bachelor of Commerce with honours in Retail Management and Finance from Ryerson University. He has been involved in several startup companies, including founding a clothing line and running a custom apparel business. George has also planned and executed hundreds of small- and large-scale events. At GrandezVous, he serves as lead on company strategy and growth, including user interface, design direction, marketing, public relations, sales and financial management.