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Foodo is a mobile app that enables users to order takeout before getting to the restaurant, so their order is ready when they are.

Foodo-logo-webinlineFoodo lets people avoid lines and wait times by ordering takeout directly from their phone, from wherever they are. Users can find their favourite restaurants, browse menus, order and pay before stepping foot in the establishment. Upon arrival, the food is ready for pickup.

Market Need

In major urban cities, wait times and lineups at restaurants are turning customers away. Time-strapped, tech-savvy consumers are looking to their phones for solutions. Meanwhile, traditional marketing channels (such as newspapers, TV, radio and magazines) are not yielding the same results as they did in the past. Restaurateurs are looking to technology-oriented solutions to expand their visibility, increase order volume in their restaurants, attract new and retain current customers and get better value for their marketing dollar.

Foodo is a platform that connects eaters and feeders in way that maximizes both restaurant sales and consumer convenience.



David Walsh


David leads business development, marketing and sales at Foodo. He is a relationship builder and has delved in multiple industries, including oil & gas, mining, entertainment and consumer products. His diverse sales background has ranged from door-to-door sales to corporate sales. He has helped train, motivate and oversee the execution of sales teams, initiated relationships with investors, gained partnerships in the food services industry and laid out the strategy for a mobile, geotargeted marketing campaign.


Marcel Bradea


Marcel leads product development and technology innovation at Foodo. He has worked as a software engineer at Google, led complex, multi-vendor development teams at a global consulting firm, and is highly passionate about software architecture, user experience, interface design and holistic product quality. He is a computer science graduate from the University of Waterloo and holds a user interface patent through RIM/BlackBerry for an innovation that would redesign the way apps are managed on a mobile device.