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Every1Games teaches video game development to teens and adults on the autism spectrum to help them develop social skills.

Every1Games webinline 2013Every1Games helps participants explore the inside of the video game industry in a low-anxiety and collaborative learning environment. The program builds valuable life skills through individual and team-based game development, social learning activities and networking guidance. Autism is experienced differently by everyone, and Every1Games empowers each participant to define what their diagnosis means to them and what they want to achieve. Upon completing the program, learners are equipped to accomplish what they most desire: meaningful employment and independence. Every1Games also works with game developers to facilitate low-anxiety beta testing for video games.

Market Need

Two hundred fifty thousand families in Ontario are affected by autism, yet there lacks appropriate social learning opportunities for this population. Every1Games provides families with a supportive setting to teach participants with autism the skills necessary to succeed in both social and professional environments.



Sarah Anne Drew

Founder & CEO

Sarah graduated from Brock University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in digital humanities. She has been working with the autism community for more than 10 years and has collaborated with multiple game studios, assisting with production and business development.

James Mattiazzo web

James Mattiazzo

Lead Facilitator and Program Manager

James graduated from Trillium College with a certificate in social service work in 2011, and is also a certified PEERS® (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) instructor. James is also the lead graphic artist at DB Total Media in Niagara Falls. He brings his digital media production experience to Every1Games and has been responsible for a variety of successful youth programs and initiatives.