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DreamQii creates innovative hardware and software products that merge robotics and artificial intelligence, including unmanned aerial vehicles.

DreamQii webinlineDreamQii’s first product, IntelliQuad One, is an agile multi-rotor Unarmed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) capable of scanning environments in 3D, using computer vision to recognize objects, and autonomous navigation and mission completion. Easy-to-use control software allows the user to control a single IntelliQuad unit or a swarm of IntelliQuad units from a ground station using a tablet, smartphone, laptop/desktop, or a 2.4 GHz radio. The IntelliQuad One is unique in its combination of effortless control, long-range communication, artificial intelligence and safe and elegant industrial design.

Market Need

The Federal Aviation Administration has enacted legislation that will permit the use of UAVs in civilian airspace. This creates the opportunity for a variety of industries to benefit from the low cost of UAVs for use in photography/cinematography, mapping, wildlife tracking, etc. DreamQii’s first product, the IntelliQuad One, is a safe, reliable and easy-to-operate multi-rotor UAV.


Klever Freire - DreamQii

Klever Freire

CEO and Lead Designer

Klever Freire is an aerospace engineer by profession, with a passion for robotics and artificial intelligence systems. Klever’s industry experience includes the design and development of commercial aircraft, business jets and military aircraft platforms. He studied aerospace engineering at Ryerson University, and is currently pursuing his second undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the same institution.