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CanFocus builds hardware and software solutions for individuals and businesses to maximize productivity and reduce distractions in the workplace.

CanFocus webinlineCanFocus offers a suite of integrated hardware and software tools that enable organizations and individuals to manage physical disruptions and noise, in addition to digital distractions, such as email, telephone calls and texts messages. This, in turn, helps users increase productivity. MyFocus helps individual users focus on priority projects through the use of a physical button that glows red or green depending on the user’s availability. Along with the visual cue, MyFocus also provides computer software and a mobile app to take control of physical interruptions, phone calls, emails and digital notifications. MyFocus is customizable based on individual preferences for which alerts and distractions are permitted. MeetingFocus is a meeting and project management tool that works with MyFocus to make meetings more efficient. MeetingFocus allows the meeting chair to limit participants from engaging in distractions during a meeting by delaying access to email, text messages and push notifications, on both computers and mobile phones. This leads to higher engagement and more effective meetings. ManagementFocus works with MyFocus and MeetingFocus to provide automated real-time data analytics to report on individual, team and overall corporate productivity.

Market Need

Distractions are the driving cause of individual, team and overall corporate productivity losses, with the nature of shared workspace and the frequency of unproductive team meetings. CanFocus is the only company that allows users to take control of their time and improve productivity by managing both physical and digital distractions. The tools CanFocus creates can be used effectively in most office environments.


Paul Chipperton web headshot

Paul Chipperton


Paul is an award-winning and experienced entrepreneur in the technology sector. In his previous role as CEO and co-founder of Profound Medical, he generated $16 million in financing between 2008 and 2011. Paul also lectures two master’s programs on entrepreneurship and innovation at Queen’s School of Business.

Tim Wootton web headshot

Tim Wootton

VP Sales

Tim has been working as a sales executive in Toronto for the past eight years at both small and medium size enterprises and multi-national corporations. Tim has a strong track record of implementing sales processes, driving marketing and product development, and hitting targets and milestones. Tim recently completed his MBA at Queen’s University.

Andrew Witchell web headshot

Andrew Witchell

VP Operations

Andrew is a seasoned project management professional delivering IT infrastructure and enterprise software solutions to both small and medium-size enterprises and enterprise markets across India, the UK and North America. Andrew holds a MBA from Queen’s University.

Sean Donaldson web headshot

Sean Donaldson

Director, Design & Manufacturing

Sean is a seasoned creative designer with 10 years of complex hardware design experience. His passion for practical and functional design is reflected in every component of his design portfolio.