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Bridgit is a mobile and web project management platform for the construction industry and the only of its kind to focus on deficiency management.

Bridgit webinlineBridgit is an easy-to-use app that enables construction companies to leverage the flexibility of mobile devices on site. Using Bridgit, site supervisors track construction project deficiencies  simply and in real-time. When an issue is noted, users can take, tag and mark up photos, add voice notes and share with relevant stakeholders. Issues can be tracked from beginning to end, clearly  indicating once they’ve been resolved. Bridgit also provides a variety of valuable metrics on  the amount and types of deficiencies encountered, representing an industry first for this type of project analytics.

Market Need

Miscommunication and lack of tracked data on construction sites can result in costly project delays. Bridgit changes how field workers convey information by allowing real-time mobile/web collaboration between the general contractor and subcontractors on-site. Bridgit will eliminate many of the costly delays that result from miscommunication on site, by improving communication through trackable and tagged multimedia messages.



Lauren Hasegawa


Lauren Hasegawa is the co-founder of Bridgit, handling sales and marketing. A graduate of Civil Engineering at Western University, Lauren bring hands-on experience in the construction industry to the Bridgit team.


Mallorie Brodie


Mallorie Brodie is the co-founder of Bridgit, handling product design and execution. A graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University, and co-president of the Ivey Entrepreneurship club, Mallorie’s business savvy brings a fresh perspective to the construction industry.