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Authintic builds social recommendation engines for marketers powered by opt-in data.

Authintic is an analytics technology company building social recommendation engines for marketers. The technology delivers recommendations powered by social data with consumer permission resulting in higher conversions, loyalty and retention.

Market Need

Personalized, one-to-one marketing drives higher conversions than interruptive mass advertising. To fuel this, brands strive to access the rich behavioural data found in social media from millions of Facebook fans and Twitter followers, but they lack the ability to properly collect and read the data. Authintic fills this gap using permission marketing to bridge the data out of social media, utilizing data scientists to transform the data so it’s usable, and then analytics technology to deliver personalized, relevant recommendations to each fan.



Christopher Berry

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer

Christopher runs the supply side of Authintic. He is a rare breed among data scientists, comfortable working with unstructured data in changing environments like Facebook and Twitter. Christopher built the measurement science and lab groups at social technology provider Syncapse and Critical Mass, a leading digital agency. He also contributed to the creation of the Web Analytics Code of Ethics.


Andrew Cherwenka

Co-Founder, President and CEO

Andrew handles the demand side of Authintic and is responsible for sales and marketing. He got his start as a Xerox sales rep selling copiers to law firms, and has since worked closely with Facebook and digital advertising clients as an executive for MDC Partners and social technology provider Syncapse, both out of NYC.