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Akindi is a web-based educational assessment system that automates the grading of multiple choice examinations for secondary and post-secondary institutions.

Akindi is an easy to use web-based Scantron alternative that allows instructors to grade multiple choice tests using any sheet of paper and any scanner. Scanned answer sheets can be emailed directly from the scanner or uploaded to Akindi, and are immediately graded and available to view in Akindi’s easy-to-use interface. Akindi’s web platform also allows instructors to track a student’s progress and effortlessly correct grade errors while providing graphical analysis of assessment data to enhance student performance.

Market Need

In the educational testing market, schools use outdated and expensive proprietary scanners with specialized paper and desktop software to grade multiple choice bubble sheets. Akindi provides a cost-effective and effort-saving web-based solution that provides analytical reports that help instructors gain insight into their assessments and enhance student learning.


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Mahmoud Hashim

CEO and Founder

Mahmoud leads product development at Akindi. He previously designed a radio-frequency identification replenishment system at Bombardier Aerospace. He also co-founded Integrate Labs, an online enterprise resource planning system for small- and medium-sized service businesses. Mahmoud earned a master’s degree in engineering and entrepreneurship from McMaster University and holds an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering from Ryerson University.