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42 is a predictive analytics platform that leverages point-of-sale data to help brands personalize the retail experience.

42 logo high res42 uses point-of-sale data to help brands grow sales by personalizing the retail experience. 42 provides an in-depth understanding of each customer, based on their shopping patterns.  For example, 42 can identify and label loyal customers, new customers and those that only shop during sales. Its predictive analytics platform also shows retailers what customers bought and what products they are most likely to purchase in the future. This data helps brands better engage and target customers, which in turn drives sales.

Market Need

Most retail brands lack a customer-level understanding of their sales. This is a missed marketing opportunity and a disadvantage when competing with e-commerce merchants that can easily track online behaviour on their websites. 42 uses point-of-sale data to provide predictive analytics to offline retailers, and displays that data using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.


Cathy Han (Team42)11

Cathy Han

Founder and CEO

Cathy previously worked in consumer retail at Procter & Gamble, focusing on growing partnerships for billion-dollar brands, including Olay. She is a graduate of The Next 36 program, and a supporter of young entrepreneurs through Enterprize Canada and Shad Valley. Cathy has a finance degree from the University of British Columbia.


Nick Porter

Founder and CTO

Nick has a Bachelor in Computer Science from Carleton University. Before founding 42, Nick was a software developer at Benbria, where he developed software for companies such as the Marriott Hotels and Jack-in-the-Box.