Media Spot Me Finds Experts With a Simple Mouse Click

Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh, left, and Stavros Rougas, co-founders of Media Spot Me.

Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh, left, and Stavros Rougas, co-founders of Media Spot Me.

When Stavros Rougas was a TV producer on TVO’s The Agenda, he came across a reoccurring problem that so many working in media face, one that costs time, drains productivity and causes frustration — finding an expert to interview.

Browsing out-of-date directories, conducting non-stop online searches and using defunct databases was slowing down turnaround time and not yielding great results.

“Looking for experts on a topic is a very analog and time-consuming process, and that’s unnecessarily so,” says Stavros.

He decided to come up with a solution. Along with Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh, Stavros founded Media Spot Me, a cloud-based software dedicated to helping reporters and researchers find and directly connect with academic experts.

“We give you the means to learn more or contact them, we don’t try to do more,” Stavros says. “It’s straightforward. We’re there to produce results and get out of the way.”

The software is intuitive. Users enter an area of expertise and hit ‘search’ to have a list of experts populate. They can then click on an expert profile and find their email address. Users can click on any hyperlinked area of expertise to receive new results without entering a new search.

The information comes from university clients who enter profiles on their own directories powered by Media Spot Me. The system automatically allows them to appear simultaneously on the platform and the local SaaS directory.

“I have a real passion for people with knowledge to get exposure,” Stavros says. “Experts want to be found, they want to connect.”

The directory software is currently being integrated to power existing directories at Ryerson University and the University of Guelph.