Friday Roundup

Photo of a baked pie with a Pi simple carved into it.

Happy Pi Day! Here’s your weekly slice of fun brought to you by the Internet.

  • Article of the week: Bill Gates talks philanthropy and Steve Jobs with Rolling Stone magazine.
  • Are viral video campaigns the most effective way to advertise? Check out First Kiss, a hugely-shared promotional video for clothing company Wren Studio that came out this week. The video was so successful that it’s already been parodied; First Lick: A Film by Jimmy Fallon might be better than the original.
  • How much time do you spend online revisiting items that you’re hoping will go on sale? Startup Hukkster (which was backed by the Winklevoss twins) wants to save you time with a nifty button that notifies you when your tagged items have been discounted.
  • Technology has changed our lives. Has it rewired our brains too? This Mashable author thinks so.
  • Twitter knows when you’re going to be happy, sad, late or hungover. This chart shows how users feel on a specific day of the month.
  • Where would you work if you were a fictional character? Take this quiz to find out which fictional company is right for you.

Photo courtesy of the Vancouver Sun