Ryerson Alumni and Non-Ryerson Students

Application process for Ryerson Alumni and Non-Ryerson University students.

1. Complete and submit the DMZ Application Form.

2. Initial contact and pitch preparation.
If you meet the DMZ eligibility criteria, we’ll contact you to review your business and decide whether you are ready and/or applicable to pitch the Steering Committee. How long this takes depends on where you are at with your business. We may ask that you finesse your application and provide you with the resources to do so.

3. Pitch the Steering Committee.
When you are ready, you will pitch the DMZ Steering Committee. Pitch sessions happen at least once a month. You’ll be notified within two weeks if you are accepted.

The amount of time it takes to complete this application process is largely dependent on where you are with your business. If your business has a solid foundation it may take as little as six weeks. If you are asked to finesse or in any way alter your business plan it could take longer.

There may be a gap between when you are accepted to enter the DMZ and when we have the ability to accommodate you. We handle each acceptance on a case-by-case basis.

If you have questions about this application process please contact