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    Komodo OpenLab on What It Takes to Get from A to B

    This post was written by Lawrence Kwok of Komodo OpenLab and was originally posted on Komodo’s blog.  Jorge Silva, Komodo OpenLab… More

    Photo of a baked pie with a Pi simple carved into it.

    Friday Roundup

    Happy Pi Day! Here’s your weekly slice of fun brought to you by the Internet. Article of the week: Bill Gates talks philanthropy and Steve… More


    Media Spot Me Finds Experts With a Simple Mouse Click

    When Stavros Rougas was a TV producer on TVO’s The Agenda, he came across a reoccurring problem that so many working in media face, one… More


    I Use My Phone During Class and It’s a Good Thing

    Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have typically been seen as distractions in the classroom but some educators are taking advantage of these… More

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